Soccer Betting: Reviews and Comments on Matches for Today and Tomorrow (70 อ่าน)

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When entering the world of soccer betting, predicting the match and assessing the situation is an important part so players can make the right decisions. The house odds are not just numbers, but also the language of confrontation and strength between two teams.

Reputable Bookmaker and Odds:

Experts at reputable bookmaker reviews such as W88, M88, 188Bet offer soccer odds to show the chance of winning, the handicap, as well as the number of goals (over/under bet). These numbers are not only an expression of fire division but also represent the bonus value that players can receive if they bet correctly.

Note that, although bookmakers use a standard rate table around the world, the payout level may vary depending on the strategy of each bookmaker. This often happens in big matches to stimulate players.

Optimal Choice:

With the growing and diverse soccer betting market today, the best choice for players is to go to the leading major bookmakers in Asia. In particular, like W88, M88, 188Bet not only provide hundreds of sports betting games but also regularly upgrade soccer payout rates to satisfy the player community.

Popular Types of Odds:

To win in online soccer betting, you need to understand the types of odds such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Over/Under Odds, and many others. Below is some basic information about popular types of bets:

Asian Handicap:

Bronze Bet (0 left): Return draw, win according to ratio.

Half Bet (0.25 left): Half of the bet is lost if there is a draw, the other half is won if it wins.

Half One Handicap (0.75 left): Half of the bet is lost if you lose 1-0, the other half is won if you win 2-0.

Handicap 1 Ball:

1 Goal Handicap: Win if the difference is 2 goals, draw money back, lose if win 1-0.


The above types of odds are only a small part of the football bookmaker program world. To have the best experience and win more, regularly update information and join discussion communities. Wishing you an enjoyable and successful experience when participating in online soccer betting!

Types of Soccer Handicap Odds and Selection Guide

In the world of soccer betting, Asian handicap is one of the most popular types of odds and is favored by players in Vietnam. Below are some types of current soccer handicaps and how you can choose to optimize your chances of winning:

1. Same Goal Bet (0 Left):

Also known as a draw, symbolized by 0.

In this type of bet, no team handicaps any other team.

If you choose a team and that team wins, you will receive your bet multiplied by the odds.

In case the two teams draw, your bet will be refunded.

2. Half Bet (0.25 Left):

This bet accepts 1/4 of the ball.

If the two teams draw, you lose half of your bet.

Win half the bet if you choose the underdog.

If one of the two teams wins, you will receive half of your bet at the original rate.

3. Half One Handicap (0.75 Left):

The upper team handicaps the lower team by 0.75 points (3/4 bet).

Bet on the over and win 1-0, you get half the bet.

Win 2-0, you will receive the full bet.

If you bet on the under, you lose half of your bet when the over wins 1-0 and lose all the money when the over wins 2-0.

4. 1 Ball Handicap:

The team with the upper odds handicaps the lower team by 1 goal.

Bet on the upper hand and win by 2 goals.

If there is only 1 goal difference, this is a draw.

The underdog wins or two teams draw, the player who bets on the underdog will win the full bet.

Information about the above types of bets is just basic knowledge. If you want to learn more about extended bets and football betting tips, follow the betting tips section for more detailed information. Wish you have interesting experiences when participating in soccer betting and achieve many victories!

Football Handicap Series - Learn and Choose Correctly

Asian Handicap - Popular Choice

In the world of soccer betting site in nigeria Asian Handicap is a popular type of odds favored by many players, especially in Vietnam. This series of odds brings many opportunities and challenges to players, and below are some types of Asian odds that you should know:

Keonhacai Dong Ban (0 Left):

Another name is a tie bet, symbolized by 0. In this bet, no team handicaps the other.

If the team you choose wins, you will receive the bet amount multiplied by the odds.

In a tie, your bet will be returned.

Half Fruit of Acacia Dendrobium (0.25 Fruit):

Handicap 1/4 ball.

If the two teams draw, the upper side loses half of the bet, and the lower side wins half the bet.

If one team wins, the upper hand wins half the bet at the original rate.

House Handicap Half One (0.75 Left):

The upper door handicaps the under team with 0.75 goals.

If you bet on the upper hand and win 1-0, you will receive half the bet, if you win 2-0 you will receive full money.

Bet on the under, if you lose 1-0 you lose half your money, if you lose 2-0 you lose all your money.

House Handicap 1 Ball:

The upper door handicaps the under team by 1 goal.

Bet on the upper and win by 2 goals, return a draw, lose if you win 1-0.

Bet on the under, lose if the two teams draw or the under wins.

Odds Selection and Analysis:

Choosing the right bet is an important part of increasing your chances of winning. You need to consider the current status of the team, meeting records, and other factors before deciding. Don't forget to follow the latest information and tips in the world of soccer betting.


Above are the popular types of Asian handicaps and basic information about how they work. If you want to discover more types of bets and soccer tips, please read the articles in the betting tips section. Wish you have interesting experiences and win a lot when participating in online soccer betting!




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