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This How to Make Gold Guide will show you the Best Ways to make ESO Gold in ESO as a Solo Player! Gold is the most important currency in The Elder Scrolls Online, so knowing how to earn it fast and reliably can make all the difference. Having enough Gold in ESO can help you acquire the best items for your character and perform overall better. All the following methods are easy to complete alone and can help you make a lot of Gold fast and reliably!

Farm Valuable Sets for Gold

Visit Guild Traders to see which items sell better. Identify the most valuable items and set out to start farming them. These items are not always the same and they change based on the current meta. Each Set/Item drops in a specific zone in the game. All you have to do is travel at the right area and start killing enemies in order to drop pieces from the set you are after.

For example, clearing Dolmens and other World Events will reward you with Jewelry, while killing World Bosses is good for farming weapons. You can sell the items in the quality they drop or you can upgrade them for a better price. Always upgrade an item if you have spare materials(or can afford the cost) and the appropriate skill. If you want to know which Armor Sets are the best to farm for Gold take a look at my Overland Sets Farming Guide. Some good Sets you can farm for profit include Briarheart, Mother’s Sorrow, Spinner’s Garments and more.

Pick up EverythingThis is not a new concept to players who have played other Elder Scrolls games. Although ESO limits what you can pick up, there are still many items that can be grabbed. Most things have some value, even if it's only 1 gold. This also means you should loot enemies of everything they have, even when it is stuff you never plan to use. Your character may never have a use for those magicka potions you keep picking up, but that vendor in town will surely buy them at a nice price.

Resource Grinding

One of the best things about Elder Scrolls Online is that you can find resources EVERYWHERE. All you have to do is explore Skyrim and pick up whatever you come across on your way; food, logs, metal, cloth, and all sorts of other bits and bobs that other players are inevitably going to want. Going on gathering adventures can also put you into a position to find crafting motifs and recipes, as a bonus; these can sell for a lot of cash, and you can acquire them while also gathering resources to sell.

While you’re on your travels, make sure that you’re deconstructing any unwanted equipment and glyphs when you’re at their crafting stations for extra resources to sell. You can also allocate skill points into hirelings, which can mail you rare materials every 12 to 24 hours. They increase the possibility of finding more valuable items more often, without you having to grind them yourself.

Convert Other Currencies to Gold

You can farm Tel Var, AP(Alliance Points), Writ Vouchers and convert them to Gold! Farm your preferred currency and use it to buy items from specific NPC! Sell later the items for Gold to Make profit!

Convert Writ Vouchers to Gold

An advanced way to make gold in ESO. Complete Master Writs to earn Writ Vouchers. Then when you have enough vouchers, you can buy items and Recipes/Blueprints to sell for gold.

It is even possible to buy and learn a Recipe/Blueprint in order to craft and sell the product multiple times. This method requires good crafting skills to work and will take you time before you can utilize it.

Buy low, sell high

Put on your trader hat and get ready to haggle and bargain. OK, so you don't need the hat, but still… it looks cool. Anyway, the idea here is to check out the stalls to find items that players are selling below their global worth and buy them. Once you do, you can then head down to your Guild trader and resell for a higher price.

Now, there will always be a 8% fee applied to the items you sell, so base your price with that in mind. To take full advantage of this method, you'll need to explore different Guild trader shops, as some are wealthier and possess a richer stock of items. So, the more prestigious the guild, the better the odds of finding valuable and rare items that can be sold off somewhere else for a better price.


More of a starter way to make gold in ESO. Antiquities can give you a nice gold boost but is not a reliable way to earn gold long-term. Your main profit with this method comes from selling the Treasures you excavate to NPC for gold. More specifically the Purple treasure you can find in every zone in-game. You can only find this type of treasure once per account in every zone.

With any one of these strategies, you are well on your way to getting rich in Elder Scrolls Online. Don’t worry if some of them don’t work right away; sometimes, the best money-making strategy is patience. is a professional seller selling MMO currency. IGMEET is your best option whether you are looking for in-game currencies of a large number of popular games or Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold .




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